Babies can smile very early in life, and he will be smiling away in your utero. These first smiles called reflex smiles, as they are not intentional and occur without reference to external stimulation, including other people. 

Your baby's first real smile says a lot about his development. It's a sign his vision is improving well and he is now able to recognize you and happy to see you. Around 2 month old, your baby’s brain have matured enough to eliminate reflex smiles, and he's now understands that smiling is a way for him to connect with you and others. Your little one is also beginning to realize his feelings matter and have a direct effect on the people around him.


He'll smile to express pleasure, excitement, contentment, and happiness, just like us.

The reflex smile normally disappear by time your baby is around 2 months old, and his first real one will start to appear anywhere between 2 to 3 months. And you can definitely tell the difference! J 

Here are some ways to encourage them:Baby giggling

  1. Make eye contact frequently.
  2. Talk to your baby often and give them time to “respond.”
  3. Smile at them. They observe you and learn from you every second.
  4. Get silly, too. Make funny faces or noises, imitate animal sounds and behaviours, blow raspberries on your baby’s belly, or play a game of peek-a-boo.
  5. But also remember, not to overdo it.