Packing for holidays for you and your baby or toddler is not easy, nor relaxing…

So many little items you must remember and organise to pack in a little amount of spare time you have.

I find it very helpful to have a list, so anything that pops in my mind I can just add to the list and I feel I can pack more relaxed.


I have a daughter and I have created this list of basic items for her when she was about 18 months and then I have been adding things for each travel according to the place or length of stay. When it comes to packing for your toddler, there are many items that can come handy, and you might not have thought of before.


Here is my go-to list for a 4-night stay:

-       Nappies for the night (1-2 extra). Our daughter, who is just over 2 years old is potty trained and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night as her nappy gets so full.

-       Nurofen and Thermometer

-       First Aid and Ice packs

-       Five pairs of leggings

-       Six t-shirts

-       Two dresses

-       Four vests (I normally layer her during spring with a vest under a long or short sleeve T-shirt indoors)

-       Eight underwear (we are potty training…)

-       Travel potty

-       Pair of spare shoes

-       Six pairs of socks

-       Pyjamas

-       Two bedtime books

-       Blackout curtain for the night 

-       Toiletries: Baby soap, hairbrush, toothbrush and tooth paste and small moisturizer.

-       Panda/Her lovey and one or two of her other favourite toys 

-       Milk bottle and dummy.


If I know there will be a washing machine at the place we are staying, I would probably half the number of clothing items. I do like to wash and keep clothes clean on holiday. It also means I will have less wash to do when we arrive back. 

Save this list to your notes and I hope it helps! 


If there is anything you think I should include, please comment!