One of the most important decisions to make when preparing for the arrival of your baby is buying a buggy.

We’re here to tell you the key factors to keep in mind when shopping for baby’s first pushchair.


You and your life


Of course, it is important that you choose a safe & comfortable pushchair for your baby, but you are the pusher of the buggy and it has to fit to your needs too. So when choosing, you must take in consideration your own lifestyle. Do you enjoy long walks and getting active, or do you prefer a coffee run to an actual run? Do you live on the countryside and will be walking on rocky roads? Or are you a city parent and you will need something that is easy to fold and light to push around and to get on transport?


Phil & Teds have some of the best buggies for active and sporty Mums

 buggy for spray parents


If you are looking for a light weight, city friendly buggy, BabyJogger is your brand:

 light weight buggy for city parents





There are so many other factors to take in consideration when we talk about practicality. Such as do you drive a lot? Will you take loads of trips (short or long) with your little one? If yes, you might one to find a buggy that can be a car seat at the same time. That way you don’t have to wake up your little one in the buggy or in the car when switching from one to another. This can make parents’ life much easier when it comes to assembling and disassembling the pushchair every time you are taking a ride, when getting in and out of the car.


Are you looking for a buggy you can use long term? From newborn to many many years ahead?


Babyzen has some great combiantions of pushchairs to offer, which will suit from newborn to toddler age:

pushchair from new-born to toddler  


Style & Features


Style is also important to consider. The colour, the shape, the size, the height.


This is a personal choice. When buying a pushchair of course first you want to make sure that it ticks all the safety requirements, but that there so much mode details you have to think about. The size of storage underneath, the materials and details, such as extra pockets and accessories your new pushchairs will arrive with. 


Ickbubba also offers pushchairs, which will suit from newborn to toddler age with great colours and styles to choose from. Our favourite:



Future plans?


Not many new parents like the question that comes to their almost every day...”so when is the next one coming?

Hypothetical siblings might not be on your radar, but a great single to double buggy can be a lifesaver, if you already know you are planning on a bigger family. Choosing a buggy that can adapt to become a double later is also sustainable choice and will save you the hassle of upgrading in the years to come.

Uppababy has some great options to choose from:

pushchair for multiply children