As your baby grows, there are many milestones which are important in her development. Skills such as smiling and laughing for the first time, rolling or waving “bye bye” are called developmental milestones. 

It is absolutely normal for babies to learn different skills at different rates, but it is good to also keep track of these milestones and to understand how your little one is developing.

So think of them as a checklist.

(I do actually have a more professional checklist at the end of this blog series.)


The first three months is all about sleeping, getting to know each other better, lots of cuddles and eating and maybe a first little smile. 

Your baby will start: 

  • To lift/control their head
  • Smile
  • First laugh (kinda!) 
  • And maybe a first little goos (aww!) 


During this stage you’ll begin to see your baby’s little personality flourishing and they start making the sweetest little coos and squeals too! 

Your baby may be able to: 

  • Roll over
  • Sit up 
  • Grab and pass an object between hands
  • Will search for a toy dropped out of sight (object permanence)

This is the time when teething will kick in (prepare for the sleepless nights…) and you might want to start weaning your baby.

Your baby may also be able to:

  • Recognise familiar voice 
  • Recognise repetitive songs and rhymes 


Now your baby truly starting to pay attention to everything around her, trying new, exciting flavours, playing new games with you.

Your baby will understand cause-and-effect actions, reach out and grab a moving object, respond when you call their name

Your baby may start: 

  • Crawling
  • Standing up

Your baby’s will start to develop fine hand and finger skills. And babble to you, getting opinionated and letting you know when she doesn’t like something.


Your baby is probably on the move! They will crawl, pull up to stand up, cruise along furniture and even for some, walking! Your baby may be able to understand words.

Also…It’s your baby’s first birthday!!! You Mama made the first year! Well done! 

Remember, every baby is different, and they all learn at very different rhythm and different ways. Enjoy every little milestone and try to capture it before the next one comes.


As a mother you know your baby best and you WILL KNOW if there is something is not right.

This list is a little and simple checklist I wish I had when my girl was very little and I hope it helps you!

Check out the attached official document for the 12 month check up check-up list, used by health visitors.


Ages and Stages Questionnaire, 12 month questionnaire,