Are you ready for the big day?

One way you can start preparing yourself mentally is getting your hospital bag ready. Some mums like to prep their bags way in advance, whilst others (like me) rather not face this task till the very end of their pregnancy. Midwifes suggest packing your hospital bag around 36 weeks. You can just write your own list and keep it ready. This way you can pack yours whenever YOU feel ready without any worry, even if you go to labour sooner than expected.

Using a small suitcase might sound crazy but packing for three can take up more space in your bag than you can ever anticipate. And it’s also good to prepare for an overnight stay.


We have created a very easy list, that you can just print and alter according to your needs. As we all have different birth plans, needs and hospitals night provide different items.

1.For your labour:

–      Maternity notes

–      Birth plan (3 copies: 2 in your maternity notes and one in your bag in case the others get lost)

–      Hypnosis tracks on phone (if you doing hypnobirthing)

–      Music list

–      Headphones

–      Camera and camera charger

–      Phone and phone charger

–      Birth ball

–      Loose outfit for labour

–      Clothes for waterbirth

–      Fan or water spray

–      Snack and drinks

–      Water bottle and straw

–      Your own pillow

–      Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, soap, hair ties, lip balm, hairbrush, creams)

–      Medications

–      Tens machine 



2. After labour:

-        Disposable briefs/ Maternity pads

-        Towels

-        Bathrobe or dressing down

-        Paracetamol

-        Pyjamas

-        Large black/dark knickers

-        Maternity pads

-        Slippers, socks, flip-flops

-        Extra comfy pants, tops (2-3 each)


If you choose to breastfeed:

-        Nursing Bra and breast pads

-        Lanolin cream

-        Cooling/warming nursing pad

-        Nursing tops


If you choose to bottle feed:

-        Bottles

-        Formula

3. For baby:

-        3 to 4 Baby sleepsuits / outfits

-        Muslin squares

-        Swaddle blanket

-        Baby hat, socks, mittens

-        Pack of nappy

-        Baby wipes

-        Blanket

-        Winter coat or suit (for winter babies)

-        Sudocream

-        Cotton pads

-        Sterile small plastic bag (for potential dirty clothes)



4.For your birth partner:

-        Snacks, drink

-        Cash (for parking, vending machine)

-        Change of clothes

-        Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste…)

-        Painkiller

-        Eye mask

-        Pillow

-        Headphones / Earplugs

-        Flip-flop

-        Make sure he has the contraction timing app on his phone