Becoming a parent is imagined to be joyful and best time in both parents’ life. But in reality you will have many challenges and odds you will have get through together. 

In the first weeks and months after giving birth, the mother will not just have to recover from giving birth, but also learn and share with her partner all new skills including changing nappies, understanding why their baby cries and how to calm a crying baby. Breastfeeding is also often another challenge many mother will experience.

Often parents are not prepared for the changed dynamic and priorities and the need to accommodate a third family member in their relationship and all the emotions that come along with parenting.
Parents often have optimistic expectations and can lack preparation, which can cause a lot of stress at a time when new parents already feel extremely tired and vulnerable.

Whilst every new parent has different expectations and experiences, there are some common revelations parents can agree on.


1.You relationship will change

When the baby arrives, parents have less time to spend with each other and to tell their problems. In many cases one or the other will feel left out or unloved. Remember that every one is different.

Some mothers wants some time for themselves, as the first year of parenthood can be stressful, while others want to stay at home and spend as much time as possible with the baby.  Whilst dads feel left  out already during pregnancy and want to spend as much time as possible with the new born or the other way around. So it is very important to understand our partners’ need, to support them, to be present and remember that is two of you in it.

It is important to share the pregnancy as a couple and talk to each other about your feelings. There are issues for both partners during pregnancy  and after birth you have to face and understand. Including each person’s response to the pregnancy; managing with the emotional and sexual changes that accompany pregnancy and parenting and also your concerns about the future as a family.

But in fact, many parents we asked said that after that first exhausting and stressful months with a baby, their relationship recovered and came back stronger than ever before. And as the mother instincts will kick in, new fathers will also surprise their partners by taking their role very seriously and giving all the support and love their partner needs.


2. Your friendships will change too

It will be difficult to maintain great conversation and connection with your friends who are not moms or pregnant. Simply because they cannot fully relate to your pregnancy and baby subjects and likely they will loose interest or get bored.  It will be hard for them to understand how life changing is the arrival of a new baby and you have left with very little energy and time for yourself by the end of the day.

But always remember good friends can make it through the hardest times in life and through any changes or distance. It just takes a little time, patience and understating from both side.

Perhaps use time with your friend to step out a little from parenting and recharge your mind and body. After all, that’s what really friends are for, to give you their love, support and to push you toward the good.

Besides you will create new friendships with other moms you will meet along your journey.