As a parent you will always discover new things you haven’t read about, regardless how much you prepared yourself.

You will have tears in your eyes at unexpected moments, you will laugh, you will be tired and drained and most likely you will end up sometimes forgetting thing from your to-do list as your main worry will always be your children. Your children will challenge you, and change your life forever.


1. Your will have little time for yourself even after the first couple of months


Remember those weekends of sleeping in, having breakfast in bed or being able get ready just in less than 15 minutes to get to work in the morning after going out night?

These won’t happen for a while and you also won’t have time to take long showers or bath, sipping on wine and reading or watching movie every night.

Parents image this time as the opportunity to take long walks in the park, visiting friends and family and missing the crucial fact the baby needs to be fed and changed every couple of hours. It is not something you can always do on the go. The sleep depravation will make it even harder to get outside the house and get everything done in some days.

One great thing that can help you get around this issue:

Get organized and plan ahead! Know when you baby needs to eat and how long his naps are, so you can plan around it.

Believe it, having a feeding and napping schedule can make a big difference in parenting and make the days and weekends more productive, fun and enjoyable too.


2. You won’t be the perfect parent, and likely to make mistakes


As new parents we all imagine that new baby will do everything as we want, but that is not quiet true in reality. They are little people with their own ideas, personality and preferences. You often might be trying something with your baby that works for you, but not for him, which can only give stress to both of you. Reality is often different from what we imagine, but it only takes a little time to get to know each other better, and understand your newborn’s need. Remember you don’t always have to follow the rules, and what works best for others, might never work for you.

On the other hand new parents will swear they will never do certain things with their baby. Such as let them have pacifier or let them sleep in their bed after a certain age, but this will again come down to your little ones personality, when he is ready for certain changes. Not all babies and toddlers are ready for the changes as we imagined and planned. And if you give a little more time to your baby than what you can read in the books, it is not real mistake!

And of course, sometimes parents make some real mistakes, such not closing the baby gate or seatbelt properly, didn’t pack enough nappies, forgot changing clothes…

None of us is perfect and we all learn from our own mistakes.


5. You'll be stronger than you ever envisioned!


The first and best “shock” in a mother’s life is childbirth. Giving birth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. The day & moment when you discover your real strength, your true passion and with all your love you overcomes every fear. No woman will ever be the same after having a baby.

All of a sudden there will be only a few nights when you will sleep well and somehow you just get used and will be power through parenting and work. You will become a stronger person than you ever imagined.

Parents we spoke to say they can't believe how little sleep they survive on. They handle raising kids alone, without help from a partner and they can deal with all the big and small challenges that parenting brings everyday.

"I'm surprised at how strong I've become as a person because I've had to be a single mom while her dad is on deployment with the army" says Rosie, who has a 1-year-old son.

Every mother experiences the physical changes and emotional challenges due to the hormones. The gratefulness, the joy, the sleep deprivation and sometimes the feeling of not being the best parent.

 All can agree that parenthood makes you stronger, brings a new meaning to your life and changes you into a better person.