Your breast can go one or two cup sizes up during your pregnancy and after giving birth your breast size can change daily whilst your milk supply regulates, therefore it’s very important to wear nursing bras that have soft cups for the extra support and comfort.

All these changes are due to the increased progesterone hormone levels, that boosts blood flow and cause changes in breast tissue. Progesterone helps the breast to grow larger in order to hold the supply of milk needed for your newborn.

Since traditional bras are not designed to grow with your breast during pregnancy and breastfeeding and most will also have underwire, that is not recommended to wear whilst you are pregnant or nursing. 

Wearing a small bra (that used to fit) or a bra with underwire can put pressure on the breast and can block milk flow, could lead to plugged milk ducts. This will casue you discomfort and troubles with breastfeeding. In some cases if this is not treated on time, it can cause a nasty infection requiring antibiotics to cure, which can interrupt your breastfeeding routine.

Therefore underwire bras should be avoided until the mother's breast milk supply regulate, which can take between 6 to 12 weeks.

We should look for bras, that are specifally designed for mothers to give all the support during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

- larger, full cups to provide more room,

- have no underwire,

- or made with extra flexible wires,

- have increased number of hooks, which will also allow you to expand during the months when your breast can increase in size and you need more comfort,

- and most importantly soft, breathable fabric.

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