After spending nine months in a cosy womb, sleeping and waking whenever the baby feels like it, your baby can easily confuse their days and nights. 

Many babies sleep through most of the day and be more energetic during the night during the first months, which is exhausting for the parents. Nevertheless you can help your baby to learn the difference between day and night.

Here are some tips:

- Keep your house bright during the day and even during naptime don’t make the room too dark. Spend time outside when your baby is awake. Light helps set our internal body clocks.

- Keep noise level the same during the day, even when your baby naps. (But of course don’t make sudden loud noises, which might wake him.)

- Keep your home quiet and darker during the night and try to talk less to your baby during night feeding as well.

- Do the bedtime routine always around the same time: feeding, bath, changing your baby’s clothes and stories. Also change his clothes when he wakes up. This will also help him understand when the day ends, and when it’s morning again.


 If your baby already got into the habit of sleeping more during the da, try to keep your baby awake for longer and reduce naps.   Rotate toys rather than giving all at once, so you can keep taking out a new toy that will keep him excited and awake for longer.

 Small changes will slowly help your baby understand that night is for sleeping and daytime is playtime.

 This is also a very important step towards setting up their long-term day &night routine.